Novin | About us

Novin: Connecting Novice Interpreters is an organization that focuses on the journey of interpreters with 0-5 years of experience. 

We support the personal and professional growth of novice interpreters as they transition into practicing professionals. Novin aims to cultivate an open-minded, flexible, community that fights oppression of all forms.

We are a grassroots organization focusing on filling the gaps for emerging interpreters and shifting culture in the field towards equity and collective liberation. This comes in the form of providing programs or spaces for emerging interpreters (or those who embody a novice mindset) to continue to hone their craft. 

We love to partner with other organizations on projects, workshops, resource sharing etc.

Our primary leadership team volunteers their time and runs the logistics. However, the Novin leadership team is always open to new additions in various capacities. Reach out if you are interested in joining us!

Novin is currently 100% remote. We have a growing community across the US. We try to accommodate folks with different lifestyle needs. You can stay updated on what Novin is up to by joining our email list, following us on Facebook, and checking out our website.

Message of Solidarity 

To Our Novin Community, 

 In these harrowing times, we extend our deepest condolences to the Floyd, Taylor and Arbery families, as well as the countless others directly impacted by police brutality. We cannot begin to fathom the immense grief felt by the Black community at this time. We must seek to build a new normal, one that is founded on equity and justice rather than systematic oppression and violence.

 The Novin board, in recognition of the inherent racist values instilled within all white people, wants to address our privilege as white folks. There are huge gaps in our understanding and we are actively working to unlearn our anti-Black biases and opening our minds to systemic change.

Addressing institutional racism and creating equity is ongoing work. Novin is committed to making this goal a driving force behind our organization. To best serve our communities, we must engage with anti-racist practices both personally and professionally. 

Novin stands in solidarity with all Black people through the fight against injustice.